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Dripping Springs Psychotherapy Directory is a resource that profiles licensed professionals providing therapy services in Dripping Springs and the surrounding areas. The purpose of this directory is to connect community members seeking mental health support with a local therapist.


Views expressed by one therapist are not representative of the group as each therapist is practicing as an individual with their own unique treatment models and areas of specialty. To find out which therapist may be right for you, please visit our Therapist Listing.

What is Psychotherapy?


Psychotherapy is often simply referred to as therapy or counseling. It can also be defined as "a process in which a trained counselor helps an individual, group of individuals, or family members gain self-understanding and understanding of others in order to solve problems more effectively and resolve conflicts in everyday living.”1






Dripping Springs Therapy Directory

Many people have also sought therapy to advance their personal or professional growth. With that in mind, perhaps the distinguishing characteristic of the therapy process is that it is a goal directed relationship between a professional therapist and one or more clients, in which they “work together to resolve a concern and/or foster the personal growth and development”2 of the client.


1Nugent (1994)

2Miars, Burden & Pedersen (1997)



In an emergency, call 911.​

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Lifeline Crisis Chat

Crisis Text Line

Hill Country Mental Health Crisis
(Operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)​

Hays Caldwell Women’s Shelter 24-Hour Helpline
1-800-700-4292  or  512-396-4357

Austin Oaks Hospital (no cost, confidential mental health assessment​)

Cross Creek Hospital  (no cost, confidential mental health assessment)
(855) 738-7930

Seton Emergent Psychiatric Treatment

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